best makeup foundation guide and reviewsBuying Guide: Best Makeup Foundation Products and Features

Trying to find the perfect foundation can be a nightmare. Go overboard on a foundation that doesn’t offer enough coverage and you end up looking like Ronald McDonald’s very tan cousin, and use one that is super lightweight and can’t give you enough coverage and you end up looking spotty and just not put together.

It’s enough to make anyone’s head spin. Of course, combine all of that stress and pressure with the fact that there are literally hundreds of different foundation options out there and you are really looking at a sticky situation. Trying to find one foundation that is head and shoulders above all others is a pretty tall task if you’re not quite sure of what you’re doing.

Thankfully, by the time you are done reading this quick guide you won’t have to worry about any of that any longer.

You’ll find out which of the top five foundations out there represent the very best of the best, the types of foundations that you should be looking into, and the best features that all of the top foundations have in common with one another.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Dive head first into this quick guide and before you know it you’ll know exactly what kind of foundation you want to go forward with. Let’s get started right now!

Top 5 Products on the Market Right Nowgently applying facial

As mentioned above, there are literally hundreds and hundreds of different foundation options out there – with more being added to the product universe on an almost daily basis.

Rather than get overwhelmed by all of the different choices that you will have in front of you, it’s important that you try and focus on eliminating the overwhelming majority of those options and just sticking to the five best right now.

That’s what you’re going to find in this quick breakdown.

After combing the web for all kinds of insider information, the five foundation options you find below represent the very best of the best. They offer different benefits, advantages, and downsides though, so make sure that you really focus on which one makes the most sense for you.

Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 Foundation

One of the best-based foundation options out there, this “triple threat” is going to provide you with a solid foundation, a solid concealer, and a solid primer all in one single cosmetics solution.

Combine that with the fact that it offers hydrating and UV protection at the same time, and you’re looking at one of the most popular (and inexpensive) foundations available.

Maybelline New York Dream Matte Mousse Foundation

Offered in mousse form, this is one of the lightest weight foundations that you’ll come across that isn’t made entirely out of a powder.

It blends a very luxurious texture with a lightweight composition that still offers remarkable coverage and concealment – basically everything that you’re looking for in a new foundation. Also, it has 12 different shades available right now so that you’ll be able to find the one that matches your skin tone best.

L’Oreal Paris True Match Super Blendable Makeup

A liquid concealer through and through, this particular option is a little bit on the heavier side of things (though by no means sick, greasy, or chunky) but it offers the highest level of coverage across the board.

If you know how to apply a liquid concealer (and if you don’t, YouTube is going to be your best friend), you can blend and feather this concealer out with the same kind of consistency that powders and mousse options enjoy – but take advantage of better coverage at the same time.

Probably for more advanced makeup users only.

L’Oreal Paris True Match Naturale Mineral Foundation

This mineral-based foundation is one of the best products money can buy in the cosmetic world today, simply because of the mineral composition of the foundation itself.

Completely non-comedogenic, safe for those that have sensitive skin (or any skin type, for that matter), and offering a very lightweight feeling thanks to the mineral powder delivery system, this is a foundation that you’ll want to keep on your radar for sure.

SHANY Cosmetics Professional Cream Foundation and Camouflage Concealer 15 Color Palette

Another of the foundation options that will probably be better for more advanced makeup users simply because of the remarkable level of control and customization that it offers, this foundation and concealer combo kit is unlike just about anything else out there.

Instead of getting just one foundation/concealer product you get 15 different tones to mix and match, allowing you to create a custom tone that matches your skin perfectly every single time. It also offers PETA approved ingredients for those that are socially and environmentally conscious.

gently applying facialTypes of Foundation You Should be Looking For

Though you are going to want to focus on purchasing a top-of-the-line foundation from the list above if at all possible, it’s also not a bad idea to try and choose a foundation that will be able to meet your needs – and that’s all about picking the right type.


Cream-based foundations are able to offer a remarkable level of coverage and blend ability while still remaining pretty lightweight at the same time. The only real knock against them is that they aren’t quite as “user-friendly” as liquids, sticks, or powders – but that can be overcome with a little bit of time spent watching YouTube videos that focus on application.


A throwback style foundation for sure, stick-based foundations aren’t all that popular today, except for with an older crowd. This is because they are difficult to control when applying to your face and your skin, and almost always leave you with too much or too little foundation – it’s really hard to hit that “sweet spot”.

However, for those with sensitive, oily, or combination skin that need a foundation that will really adhere to the skin, there might not be a better option than a stick based solution.

Liquid-Basedfacial product for oily skin

Liquid-based foundations are overwhelmingly popular because they are available in so many different shades and offer a lot of coverage for the money.

The only real problem with these foundations is that they are difficult to blend after day have had a chance to dry a bit, and may end up looking kind of streaky depending upon your application. They can also be a little bit on the heavier side of things.

Even still, they are pretty solid solutions if you’re looking for an inexpensive (and quick to apply) foundation.


Powder-based foundations are fantastic, but they require you to understand a little bit about how to best apply makeup to get the most out of them.

These are super lightweight products that you will almost forget you have on (that’s the point), and as such aren’t able to offer quite the same level of coverage that a liquid-based, stick-based, or even cream-based foundation would.

spilled airbrushFeatures the Best Foundations Have in Common

There are a couple of different things that top-of-the-line foundations have in common, including (but certainly not limited to):

  • It matches your skin tone
  • It is easy to apply
  • It offers a lot of coverage
  • It’s lightweight as opposed to heavy and greasy
  • It blends easily
  • It coexists nicely with your other cosmetics and makeup options
  • It doesn’t irritate your skin, dry it out, or cause it to be overly oily
  • It offers a tint and moisturizer component
  • It’s non-comedogenic and (ideally) is mineral-based

If you’re new foundation ticks off all of those checkboxes, you have a winner on your hands!

Final Thoughts

All in all, it shouldn’t be all that difficult to find your next foundation if you pay attention to the insider information above.

Armed with those details and a willingness to try new things – and maybe a little bit of time spent on YouTube watching makeup videos to pick up a couple of tips and tricks – you’ll be able to completely change the way you look with a new foundation in no time at all!